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Welcome spring! We are open for the season. We are loading the bakery shelves with enticing goodies and the greenhouse is planted up to the gills with greens and tomatoes, which are coming along nicely!
Wine tasting available Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5:30.  
As many folks have heard, the region's peach crop has been lost due to the mild winter preceding a record-cold snap. The apple crop is still looking decent, but these cold nights are hard to handle when the blossoms have already started to emerge. Apple trees are most vulnerable this time of year, so we wait patiently and keep our fingers crossed until we see how the fruit set looks in June. With our large acreage and number of varieties, we are optimistic that our apple season will be as fun and fast-paced as always!
Meanwhile, stay tuned for updates on Strawberry picking, which we expect to start in Mid June. Our annual two-day Strawberry Festival is on June 18th & 19th, so save the date!

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