Open Daily 9:30a-6:00p
Closed Mondays
Seniors Only 8:30a-9:30a
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We are open for business. Blueberries, raspberries, and fresh vegetables are picked for the store every morning and throughout the day. If you are planning to go out picking, please read below and here for important info about Pick-Your-Own with the new state regulations. 


MASKS ARE REQUIRED; always wear your mask  while in the harvest area. Do not remove unless in an emergency.

EATING/SNACKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED; do not put food into your mouth when anywhere near the vicinity of the harvest area. Take your produce home to enjoy it.

CHILDREN MUST BE WITHIN ARM’S REACH AT ALL TIMES. Parents: do not bring more children to the harvest area than you can reasonably supervise. We know kids have been cooped up and they just want to run and play, but a food harvest area is not the place to let them run amok. Plan accordingly so all children in your group are with an adult.

FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN YOUR BEING ASKED TO LEAVE. We know these are strict regulations but unfortunately, they are necessary for the safety and continued well-being of all who work at or visit the farm.

  • Senior hour in the store: 8:30-9:30 AM.
  • Phone orders: can be placed and paid ahead any time, with service to your car in the parking lot. See the list at right called In The Store Now* for product availability. 
  • Order kiosk for "walk-up and wait outside" service. Staff will shop for you.
  • In-store physical barriers and six-foot separations delineated throughout the retail space.
  • Limited number of people inside the store at one time.
  • Wine tastings will not be offered.
  • Picnic tables and benches have been removed. Please no picnics, blankets, or chairs. 
  • Access to animal enclosures is limited.

Pick Your Own
Open Daily 9:00a-5:00p
Closed Mondays
Blueberries OPEN
Awesome! Insect repellent suggested.
Blackberries OPEN
Awesome! Insect repellent suggested.
Apples Sept-Oct
Strawberries Closed for Season.
Cherries Closed for Season.
Currants Closed for Season.
Raspberries Closed for Season.
Call 978-356-5366 for status
Open Daily 9:30a-6:00p
Closed Mondays
Seniors Only 8:30a-9:30a
In the Store Now*
Assorted Goodies:
Almond Butter $14.99
Apple Butter $4.95
Asst Jams & Jellies
Darryl Gets a Donut Children's Book $20
Darryl Neck Gaiter $6.95
Fashion gaiter $6.95
Fruit Wine Vinegar $18.95
Gift Cards
Hot Pepper Jelly $5.95
Mojo Iced Coffee
Pigeon Cove Kombucha $20/growler
Pigeon Cove Kraut $12.95
Russell Neck Gaiter $6.95
Strawberry Wine Vinegar $18.95
Apple Pie $17
Apple Roll-up $4.95
Berry Pie of the Day (ask)
Big Cookie $2.95
Biscotti $1.95
Blueberry Pie $17
Cider Donuts $5/ hf doz.
Cider Donuts $9.50/doz.
Coconut Macaroon $1.95
Fruit Tartlet $3.50
GF muffin $2.95
Muffin Top $3.50
Olive Oil Crackers $5.95
Scone $2.95
Books & Activities:
Darryl Gets a Donut Children's Book $20
DIY Apple Pie $10
Grammy's Kitchen Orchard Cookbook $20
Our Own Crisp Topping Mix $7
Our Own Pancake Mix $6
Teabread Kit $10
1/2 Gallon $5.25
Gallon $7.95
Quart $3.25
Dairy (local):
Cabot Butter $6.50/lb.
Cabot Butter (unsalted) $6.50/lb.
Cabot Cheddar $4.95
Cabot cheddar mini $.75
Cabot whipped cream $6
Heavy Cream $11/half gal
Ice Cream 1/2gal $12
Shredded Cheddar $5.95
Sliced Cheddar $5.95
Topsfield Camembert $10.95
Topsfield Chevre $7.95
Topsfield Feta $9.95
Vermont Brie $9.95
Vt. Camembert $9.95
Vt. Chipotle Cheddar $9.95
Vt. Colby $9.95
Vt. Feta $9.95
Vt. Grn Onion Cheddar $9.95
Vt. Jalapeno Jack $9.95
Vt. Monterey Jack $9.95
Vt. Raw Milk Cheddar $9.95
Vt. X Sharp Cheddar $9.95
Whole Milk $3.50/half gal
Whole Milk $6/gal
Balsamic Vinaigrette $7
Our own herb crm cheese $4
Almond Milk (unsw.) $8
Avon Bug Spray $16
Avon Sunscreen 30 $16
Bread Flour (2 lb) $5.95
Brown Sugar (2 lb) $3.95
Chocolate Chips $3.95
Cider Vinegar $6.95
Eggs (grocery) $3./doz
EVOO $14.95
EVOO spray $10.95
Gluten Fr. Cider Donuts $7.50
Ipswich Bay Soap $4.95
Lip Balm $5
Mrs. Meyer's Dish Soap $6.95
Oats (2 lb) $4.95
Organic Coconut Oil $9
Organic Sanitizer $14.95
Paper Towels $3.00/roll
Pasta - Egg Papardelle $5
Pasta - Spinach Farfalletti $5
Toilet Paper $1.50/roll
Wh. Wheat Flour (4 lb.)$5.95
White Flour (5 lb) $4.95
White Sugar (5 lb) $4.95
Yeast $9.95/lb.
From the Fields:
From the Gardens:
Banana Peppers
Bell Peppers
Cherry Tomatoes
Green Beans
Heirloom Tomatoes
Hot Peppers - Jalapeno
Patty Pan Squash
Pickling Cucumbers
Summer Squash
Swiss Chard
Apple Cran Pie $18
Apple Crisp $12.95
Apple Crisp Lg. $23
Apple Pie $17
Blueberry Cobbler $15
Blueberry Pie $17
Cider Pop $.95
Donut IceCrm Sdwch. $3.25
No Sugar Apple Pie $18
Our own blueberries $9/qt
Peach Cobbler $14.95
Peach Pie $20
Peach Raspberry Pie $20
Pie Dough 2Crust $6.95
Rasp-Blueberry Pie $19
Raspberry Blueberry Pie $20
Rhubarb Crisp $14
Rhubarb Ginger Crisp $14
Rhubarb Pie $18
Straw-Blueberry Pie $19
Strawb-Rhubarb Pie $20
Strawberry Pie $20
Triple Berry Pie $20
Hard Cider & Wine (must show ID at pickup):
Apple Blueberry $20
Apricot $22
Baldwin Apple $15
Black Currant $20
Blackberry Apple $18
Cherry Wine $20
Cider & Perry $15
Dandelion Wine $22
Dry Blueberry $22
Fruit Wine Blend $16
Hard Cider 4 pack $22
Hard Cider 6 pack $33
Heirloom Apple $16
J's Ice Cider $47
Jostaberry $20
Lilac $22
Max's Dry Cider $10
Middle Ridge Cider $10
Peach $18
Pear $18
Perry $15
Pink Lady Apple $25
Plum $20
Pumpkin Spice $18
Raspberry $20
Raspberry Peach $20
Raspberry Rose Cider $14
Red Currant $20
Rhubarb $18
Sparkling Cider $29
Sparkling Pink Lady $39
Strawb-Rhubarb $22
Strawberry $22
Sweetheart Cider $10
Wild Blueberry $22
1 lb. jar $10.95
12 lb. jar $100.95
12 oz. bear $10.95
2 lb. jar $18.95
5 lb. jar $43.95
8 oz. bear $7.95
8 oz. jar $6.50
Honey stick $.50
Cape Cod Chips $.50
NH Maple Syrup:
1/2 Gallon $48.95
1/2 Pint $9.95
3.4 oz. $5.95
Candy Leaf $4.95
Leaf Bottle $9.95
Maple Cream $7.95
Pint $16.95
Quart $29.95
Black Jewel Popcorn
Lark Cookies $6.95
Sliced Prosciutto $9.95
Smoked Salmon Tin $13.99
Tuna filets in oil $11/jar
Zoe's Salamis $12.50
*List updated as availability changes throughout day.
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