Store Open 9-6 Tue-Sun
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Open Tuesday through Sunday 9-6

Strawberries are being picked for the store daily!
We have been totally smitten by our four little barnyard babies (2 lambs and 2 kids) who will be thrilled to see you. They are in the pen next to Little Lulu (RIP Big Darryl 2020).

Fully vaccinated individuals may now enter the store without a mask. Please continue to social distance whenever possible.

We are hiring! Have you always wanted to be part of the amazing team that makes up the heart of Russell Orchards? Open positions include: 
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Head Baker
  • Operations Assistant (IT)
  • Assistant Fruit Farmer
  • Facilities Manager
Read job descriptions here.

Pick Your Own
PYO Open 9-5 Tue-Sun
Strawberries OPEN
Lots of small berries!
Raspberries Late June-July
Blueberries July-August
Blackberries July-August
Currants July
Apples Sept-Oct
Store Open 9-6 Tue-Sun
In the Store Now*
Golden Delicious
Granny Smith
Pink Lady
Red Delicious
From the Fields:
From the Gardens:
Cherry Tomatoes
Garlic Scapes
Sugar Snap Peas
Swiss Chard
Veggie Seedlings
*List updated as availability changes throughout day.
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