May 20, 5:52 pm
School Tours


Hayride & Apple Picking

A - is for Apples! - Hayride & Apple Picking
This tour includes:

  • Tractor-drawn hayride
  • 1/4 peck bag to fill with apples* (*picking from trees while crop lasts/until mid-late October)
  • Self-guided tour of animal barnyard & Interactive Fruit Garden
  • Access to hillside picnic table area

Costs: $8.50 per person, including any parents/chaperones or siblings. No charge for one lead teacher per classroom. Hayrides cannot be conducted for less than $60; groups of fewer than 8 will be charged the difference.
Hayride & Apple Picking tours take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Haywagon capacity is 35 people maximum per wagonload, and up to the discretion of orchard staff. Groups are taken out to the orchard to pick apples and returned to the main barn within 30 minutes. Groups of more than 35 will need to be split up into sub-groups with leaders and may be taken out in differing shifts (please plan accordingly; we will try to keep large groups together as much as possible).

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