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Open 9-6 Tuesday through Sunday May-October; 9-5 Tuesday through Sunday in November.

Things To Do:

Visit the animals
Eating & Relaxing: We ask that you please use enjoy our hillside picnic area for food that has been purchased at our farm store only. Outside food, bagged lunches, coolers etc, are not permitted.
Interactive Fruit Garden: Stroll through our 2500 square foot "fruit garden" where you can see examples of all the different fruits that we grow on the farm. This garden is a serene and picturesque spot for future farmers and inquisitive minds. Located off the lawn next to the greenhouse.


143 Argilla Rd. Ipswich, MA 01938

From the south:
Rt 95 North to 128 North. Exit 45B to Rt 1A North.
Follow Rt. 1A north 7.3 miles.
Turn right on Rt 133 East 1.8 miles.
Turn left on Northgate Rd. 0.7 miles.
Turn right onto Argilla Rd.  
Destination on the right.

From the north:
Rt 95 South to exit 54 Rt 133 East.
Follow Rt 133 East 8 miles.
Turn left onto Argilla Rd. Go 2 miles.
Destination on right.

Weather & Insects:

We are located just two miles from Crane Beach along a scenic country road, skirted on both sides by the Great Marsh of Essex Bay. The weather here is typical for New England. We have a link on our homepage to our current weather at all times, with the readings taken right from the weather station at the farm. Suffice it to say that cool mornings can really warm up and that by the end of the day you may want a jacket. There's no denying that we get our fair share of summertime bugs around here, and the best defense is to be prepared! Use insect repellent and wear long pants and sleeves whenever possible to ward off biting bugs such as mosquitoes, greenheads, and midgies. If you have forgotten your bug spray we carry a full line of family-friendly Avon  insect repellent with sunscreen. Bugs are more attracted to dark colors, so you may find that wearing lighter colored clothing helps a bit as well. Ticks are always a concern in our part of the world, but we have a bit of an advantage in that, due to fencing and biological controls,  the orchard itself is not a welcome habitat for deer and mice, the two main carriers of ticks. Also the grass is kept relatively short, making it less attractive to ticks.

Busy Seasons:

Spring: Usually pretty quiet with no long lines or big crowds.
Summer: Moderately busy with increased crowds on the weekends. Bring a cooler to stock up on fresh fruits in the earlier part of day. Still plenty of parking and only occasional line at registers. There can be a line at the ice cream counter.
Fall: Weekdays are quite busy with shoppers, schoolchildren and apple pickers. We do a good job of moving the line along and keeping people happy. Weekends are very busy, especially between the hours of 1-4 PM. Parking attendants are necessary to monitor the parking lot. Expect a line to wait for hot donuts, sometimes up to a half hour long.  (Pre-bagged  fresh donuts also available on a first come first served basis.) Several register clerks keep the lines moving, even though it might look worse than it is!  Weekend apple picking is open at 9:00 AM and that is a great time to avoid the crowds.
Late Fall: After Halloween the traffic decreases and crowds are at a minimum. Thanksgiving week is busy with pie orders and shopping but nothing like the extreme busyness of September and October.
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