Apple Blueberry   A delicious blend of our Baldwin Apple and Wild Blueberry wines; an easygoing "red" for weeknight suppers.

Baldwin Apple   A dry white wine with a bold, tart apple flavor.

Black Currant   A distinctive fruity nose and strong currant flavor, excellent for mulled wine.

Blackberry   This fruity wine is very alive on the palate and tastes like summer in a bottle.

Blackberry - Reserve   We added some coveted Black Raspberry wine to our Blackberry wine and loved the result.

Blackberry Apple   A great picnic wine with a harmonious balance between the two fruits.

Dry Blueberry   Made with wild Maine blueberries, aged in French oak for up to four years. Bold like a Cabernet with a subtle berry flavor.

Wild Blueberry   Made with wild Maine blueberries, with a more noticeable berry flavor, somewhat similar to a Merlot.

Cherry   Light and dry with notes of almond. Wonderful with cheese or before dinner.

Max's Dry Cider   A traditional dry New England cider. Goes wonderfully with hard cheeses and crusty breads.

Cider, Dry - Reserve   Barrel aged in oak for 16 years, this dry cider is very smooth and pure.

Middle Ridge Cider   A very popular slightly sweet hard cider; easy to drink; similar to a good European cider.

Cider, Slightly Sweet - Reserve   Barrel aged in oak for 16 years, this cider is very mellow.

Cider, Sparkling   Award-winning dry sparkling hard cider made in the traditional methode Champenoise.

Sweetheart Cider   A sweet and fruity dessert cider, great with a slice of apple pie or fruit compote.

Cider/Perry   A combination of our Perry and Slightly Sweet hard cider.

Dandelion   Boasts a unique flavor reminisent of sherry. A strong and sweet digestif.

Elderberry   Dry robust wine with an earthy, lingering berry flavor. Similar to a port.

Jostaberry   This berry is a cross between a gooseberry and a black currant. The wine has a young, tart taste and goes well in a Cosmopolitan.

Peach   A slightly sweet and fruity wine with a light peach flavor.

Pear   A dry white with a refreshing essence of pear. Goes very well with salads and roast chicken.

Perry   A slightly sweet hard pear drink reminiscent of simpler times.

Perry - Reserve   Barrel aged in oak; extrememely light and smooth.

Pink Lady   A semi-sweet apple wine made exclusively with the beautiful Pink Lady apple. Bottled in a special blue glass bottle for festive occasions and celebrations.

Raspberry   Delicious and somewhat tart, this wine has a beautiful color and clarity. Phenomenal with chocolate cake.

Raspberry Peach   A combination of our Peach and Raspberry that appeals to Zinfandel drinkers. Makes a superb sangria.

Red Currant   Tart with a clean, strong currant taste. Great for the holidays.

Red Currant - Reserve   Barrel aged in oak for several years, this wine is complex and well-rounded.

Rhubarb   A slightly sweet sipping wine made from an old farm recipe. Try it with Thai or Chinese food.

Strawberry   Fruity nose, sweet on the tongue with a semi-dry, smoky finish. Excellent with a soft cheese, hors d'oeuvres, or dessert.

Strawberry Rhubarb   A terrifically balanced blend of the two wines makes this a favorite as a picnic wine or with a cheese course.

Yellow Plum   This distinct variety has a subtle plum flavor with notes of citrus, candy, and honey.

  = Awarded a medal at one or more wine competitions.

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